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THREE WISE MEN EP is the creative result of an audio advent calendar compiled by  F-Act, Allan McLoud, and Höhnflug. Each of the three friends uploaded an audio sample on alternate days from the 1st to the 25th December. The challenge was for each of them to independently create a track using all 25 samples without being influenced by each other. The result is an amazing project with 3 completely different tracks showing in the most beautiful way how unlimited the possibilities are of creating music with a given set of sounds: while Allan McLoud touches the progressive heart with his deep and driving vibe, F-Act sets a more melancholic tone with his spheric, moving melody, and Höhnflug brings in a positive sparkle coloured with a feeling of lightness and ease. An EP that has a story of friendship, creative passion, and togetherness – no other release would make the perfect label launch for ShinyPeople.


Download & streaming: Three Wise Men EP

F-Act - Different | Trailer

Allan McLoud - Irreconcilable | Trailer

Höhnflug - Summit | Trailer

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